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For more than 20 years the Omni Group has excelled in providing architects, designers and builders with the very best interior and exterior building products the industry has to offer.

From our humble beginnings, specializing in interior acoustic applications, the Omni Group has grown into a leading manufacturer's consulting firm offering one of the most diverse portfolios of interior and exterior specialty building products.  From sustainable building design to products that promote health, safety and wellness, The Omni Group stays at the leading edge of quickly emerging building technologies to bring you expert advice on some of the most innoviative products the industry has to offer.  

From stretch fabric systems and fabric wrapped acoustical panels to building integrated photovoltaic glass and rainscreen systems, the Omni Group maintains one of the most diverse portfolios of products available from one source

JB Kauffman


Office: 918-357-2859

Direct: 918-357-2859

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